Becoming a CNA Instructor

Of all the medical personnel in the United States, certified nursing assistants are one of the highest in demand. They are needed in nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and many other places. Since this is such an in demand position, it only stands to reason that those who train people to become a nursing assistant are also high in demand. Without CNA instructors there would be no CNA’s so teaching is an equally good career field to go into. The question is how do you go about becoming a certified nursing assistant instructor? The answer to this question follows in the rest of this article so keep reading to find out how to break into the field that you desire!

A CNA instructor is someone who instructs others on how to work as a certified nursing assistant. Certified nursing assistants must be properly trained in their field and be prepared to take and pass a state level test in order to become a licensed worker. In order to become a licensed worker, you must have a CNA instructor to teach you. See how it all comes full circle? Now let’s look at the steps you must follow to become an instructor.

Step 1: Your Nursing Education

In order to be a certified nursing assistant instructor you must first get your own nursing education. Most states require that you have a license to be a practicing RN (registered nurse), although there are some that will allow you to become an instructor with only an LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing) license. You may wonder why an experienced CNA could not fill the position of instructor, but there are a few reasons why this cannot be. For one thing, in order to pass a CNA program you must complete a specific amount of hours working in the field. This is known as your clinicals. In order to go into a facility to do your clinicals you must be working under an RN or LPN license which a CNA does not have. For another thing, your instruction must come from someone who has supervised CNA’s. If you wish to become an RN it typically takes between 3-4 years. If you wish to become an LPN it typically takes between 2-3 years. Many licensed nurses work in nursing homes, hospitals and other medical settings in addition to teaching CNA classes.

Step 2: The CNA Instructors Course

It is not enough to have your higher education in nursing; you must also pass a CNA instructors course. All certified nursing assistants must know all the same information about their jobs. Because of this, there is a specific course for instructors to take so that everyone is on the same page. Each states devises an instruction course that ensures that all who teach certified nursing assistants are teaching the exact same information and techniques. If you are planning on becoming a CNA though, keep in mind that each facility may want you to do things a bit differently than you were taught. This is fine as long as you feel comfortable with the changes and you know that they are ethical and safe for both you and your patients.

Step 3: Getting Your License

Once you have passed your CNA instructors course you will need to submit your request for an instructors license. In order to get your license for teaching you have to submit an application to the nursing board in your state. There is a fee for the application and some states may require that you submit to a background check and fingerprinting.

These steps may seem like a lot to endure to teach a class, but if you really consider it, most of what you need to qualify to become an instructor will have already been done. For example, if you wish to become a licensed instructor you will likely already be an RN or LPN. The only thing you really must do is take the instructors course and get licensed as an instructor. So good luck and happy teaching!